Photos from the opening by´s Torben Zenth

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NEXT EXHIBITION: New works by Marco Evaristti - pre-pre-preview from the artist´s studio

Work-in-progress photo from the artist´s studio a few weeks ago... Ladders now being covered in black latex.

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Why "What is Real?" ?

In recent months, I have had several encounters with contemporary Israeli art that have left impressions on me, from PREVIEW Berlin and Fresh Paint (Tel Aviv) art fairs, to visiting Israel where I was introduced to Israeli artists and the local art scene. In recent years, art galleries have cropped up throughout Israel, many in the prominent of Tel Aviv, where both artists and galleries are enjoying a growing international interest and market. And so, in collaboration with Tavi Art Gallery in Tel Aviv, I have made a selection of works to share with our Danish collectors and other art aficionados, and ones which will provide insight into this growing market.

When talking about Israel, various impressions appear in one's mind: political – geographic – historical. But whether romanticized, critical or news-related, our perspective onIsrael, past and present, remains just that – an outsider's look “in” – and therefore begs the question: how do Israelis themselves view their culture, country, or even the outside world?

What Is Real?puts on display various forms and expressions -they each have their own story to tell, but they all tend to play with an intruiging ambiguity. Paintings so accurate they look like photos, the staging of dead animals that make them seem very much alive, short and minimalistic, often humourous videos that beg the question, "What is going on? – what are we seeing?" All in all this is an opportunity to experience a very unique selection of contemporary Israeli art, and at the same time, meet the existential and none-geographically, commonly shared question:What Is Real?

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Artist talk with Mikkel Munch-Fals and New Year´s Mimosas -- Saturday 7th at 1 pm

ME contemporary wishes you all a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you again - and again - and again - in 2012 !!

Up-coming events:

Saturday 7th at 1 pm: artist talk with Mikkel Munch-Fals washed down with New Year´s Mimosas
Please sign up by sending a mail with your name to
Flipside of Family has been prolonged and will be on show until 13th January

27-29th January: Art Herning – booth 56
Showing Ursula Reuter Christiansen and Marco Evaristti, and introducing Roberta Cederholm Bonfils Interested in invites? Please send us a mail -

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NEXT OPENING: Mikkel Munch-Fals - Flipside of Family


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ME contemporary looks forward to hosting Queens Chuck Morris at their portraiture on Saturday 29 October between 11am - 5pm in the gallery space on Klubiensvej 22.

Please send us an e-mail to stating your name if you wish to join the audience.
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Images of ME contemporary from Preview Berlin now available on our website!

Visit our EXHIBITIONS section, or click HERE
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